Taylor Swift Hairstyle

Taylor Swift is another all American Beauty. She has captivated our hearts with her music and charm. Her hair and make- up makes her even more beautiful.   Taylor has lovely, healthy looking blonde hair. She has exceptionally lovely hair. Taylor has sported a number of hairstyles; from her cascading curls to her vintage updos.  Her red carpet hairstyles are always epic. Taylor’s styles are multifaceted. They are vintage, casual and elegant.  Taylor has sported a number of updos, which are cute and enchanting.

She has even gotten in on the short hair epidemic. She recently cut her hair to sport an amazing curl bob. Reports are that her hair was damaged due to prolong wearing of extension. Nonetheless, her short hair gives her an even more refined look. What can I say? She makes everything look better. The short bob style has a gorgeous vintage look that is breathe taking. Taylor’s short lock enhances a maturity, yet a playful look.

One of Taylor’s most amazing styles is her classical wavy updo. This style is elegant and will help to highlight your lovely cheek bones and jaw line.

Here is how to do a Taylor Swift sweep back curled style

  1. Spray working spray all over the hair. This will help to hold the hair; making it easier to manage.
  2. Section the hair into one inch partings, starting from the neck line. Use your rat tail comb to part hair straight across. Pin all the excess hair away.
  3. Use your curling iron to make wavy like curls. Starting from the scalp and move outwards. Allowing curling iron to stay for a few seconds. Lightly pulling hair from the iron.
  4. Repeat step until hair it complete.
  5. Curl the top of the hair. Then allow hair to stand. This helps to create volume.
  6. Curl bang downwards or under. If you want to make this style unique you can do spiral curls
  7. Add a generous amount of hair spray.
  8. Lightly comb hair back. Pin hair to the center of head.
  9. Make a side part.
  10. Gather hair at the nape of the neck. Pull hair from the sides and fasten with elastic near the nape of the neck.
  11. With the hair that is hanging down, roll the hair upwards. If your hair is extremely long and think you can make multiple donuts near the nape.
  12. Use bobby pins to fasten.
  13. Add more holding/hair spray when you are finished.



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