Hottest Short Bob Haircut 2013: Loosely Curled Bob

The bob is one of those styles that have been icon for years. It transcends time.  It is that style your parents worn that you could say ‘wow’ that looked great. The bob is outstandingly gorgeous on  square shaped faces. This may be more flattering and will highlight your jaw line. The bob may also be effective in creating the illusion of a longer face.Nonetheless, the bob haircut can be worn by all.

Looking back at the styles for 2013, the bob is my absolute favorite.  The loosely curled  bob hairstyle is the hottest style for 2013. It is a symbol of elegance and femininity for all short haircuts alike. Short haircut are avoided because many people believe they are not feminine or girly enough, however, this style is quite the opposite. It is perfect for any event and any shaped face. It is that hairstyle that you can never go wrong. Changing your hairstyle will do wonders for your overall appearance.  If you are looking to change your look this may be that show stopping look that you are going for.

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