David Beckham Hairstyles

If you love soccer, the name David Beckham means a lot to you.  He has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Preston North End.  He is the pride of English football. David Beckham is not only known for his skills in soccer, but his keen fashion sense and iconic hairstyle. Traditionally, men use to wear their hair in whatever style they got up in. This is a long abandoned tradition. Men look just as amazing as their female counter parts. David Beckham is one of our favorite pioneers in the phase of fashion and iconic style for men.  His style is both trendy and formal. It will look great going to the movies or even to a wedding. David Beckham’s style is simply amazing.

Here is how to achieve this look. It is important to note that you may need to use a generous amount of holding products to get this style. Secondly this style may be easier for men with thick hair.


  1. Get a simple undercut style. It is best you see a professional or allow someone that knows how to cut hair to create this cut. Make the sides low gradually leaving more length at the top
  2. Add a generous amount of holding and styling creams. This will help to make hair easier to manipulate. Massage product into hair and scrunch up hair. This method will help to increase and create the illusion of volume.
  3. Make a part to one side of the head
  4. Use finger to gradually create your style. David Beckham’s hairstyle has an elevated top that leans to one side. If your hair is extremely thin, you can tease the front of your hair and comb back. This will help to create more volume.
  5. Use a comb to pull back hair and make neat towards the back. Using a brush, will make this style easier to do. You can even use bobby pins if you find a way to hide the pins.
  6. Add a generous amount of holding spray. This will help to increase your hair’s resistance to wind and will allow your style to last all day. You can also choose to dry hair with a blow dryer after spraying.

The David Beckham hairstyle is a sleek and gorgeous style for men.  It screams sophistication, class and confidence. Women just love to see that neat sleek back look on men. It requires minimal time and effort.


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