Boyish Short Haircut for Women

Boyish short Haircut  for women are becoming more fashionable and trendy, particularly the  Pixie style and the Mohawk. When I first saw it myself I was shocked, however, women have found a way to make these styles feminine.  The  Pixie will provide you with flexibility.The Pixie and Mohawk are favored among women of all ages and is just as flattering on older women.The short layered cut is also ideal. We like this cut as it takes little to no styling.

These short hairstyles are tapered close around the ears and neck, but kept longer on top. With added volume, it will look more feminine on top. Sleek and soft, this is a stylish choice for older women. They have the advantage of being quick, easy and screams confidence.

The top can be curled, teases or worn flat. Wearing the perfect earrings may be key when trying to pull off this look. Boyish haircuts will look great the key is to style to suit your face. You should do this by framing the face. Using a hot iron or curler will help you to make your look a little more feminine. It is also recommended that you visit your stylist when doing the initial cut and to add some color to your own version of boyish haircuts.


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