Asian Haircuts for Women

Asian hair texture is one of the most unique on the planet. There are so many myths about this hair texture. Many people will see an Asian and automatically assume that they don’t have a hard time styling their hair. This is due to the fact that their hair is silky and straight. This myth is so wide spread that women will say I want Asian straight hair. They make the assumption that all Asians have super straight hair.  There are many different textures in hair among Asian women.  Some (if not most) Asian women actually do have straight silky hair; however, this is hair may not be easy to style. Others have curly and thick hair. There are many great ways to style and cut Asian texture hair. Here are some great haircuts that you can try in your Asian hair. The multiple bob styles are great styles for Asians. The style is worn well by Asian women. The bob is timeless and is going nowhere any time soon. It will help to emphasize the unique Asian face shape. The concave bob is a great haircut for Asian women. This style is cut towards the brow.  The ends of the hair hug the line of the face and neck, and the perimeter of the cut may actually curve toward longer lengths at the front of the face. This style can also be textured cut to add some volume and texture to the style. The graduated bob is the next style that looks great on Asian women. The graduated bob/ inverted bob is one in which the hair at the back is significantly shorter near the nape and longer on both sides. This style is quick and easy. You can even cut it yourself. Here is how to cut the cutest graduated bob.

  1. Decide on the length that you want your bob.
  2. Part hair into three sections (two sides and one at the nape of the neck).
  3. Gather hair near the nape and fasten with elastic. Make sure it us loose.
  4. Use a scissor and cut hair just below the elastic.  Some people prefer to cut upward and above the elastic. This method is for experienced bob cutters.
  5.  Use a razor to make the gradually climb to meet the back. The most important thing is to make the sides longer than the back. This is expected to look like a V- shape or closest U- shape.
  6. Style the front in a desired style.

The asymmetric pixie is another absolutely stunning style for Asian women to try. The key trick is to try a textured or layered cut.

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